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Tonight is special for a lot of people who follow a path like mine.  For many, it’s a night of dead things and fae things.  Old, unwanted things and lingering missed things.  It’s a night of death and dying – hope, light, joy, and life.  Tonight is the night the world dies.

Tomorrow, though, there’s… something.  There’s something, because I choose not only to remember, to visit, to be haunted by the dead, but also to lay to rest those things whose time has passed.  Tonight is a night to say goodbye to the things that no longer need to haunt me and with which I’m no longer served by haunting myself.  Some will cling until their time comes in the next year, or the ones after that, but with everything else tonight die fears, die failures, die the regrets of a thousand mistakes.  Or at least, I do my best to let them move on, and to move on myself.

Tomorrow hope is reborn.  Tomorrow begins the vigil for the return of spring and new life.  Tomorrow, new fears may be reborn, too, and old ones may remind us that they’re not quite ready to leave yet.  But tomorrow, I start anew, with a new burden, a new buoyancy, and a new purpose.  A new life.  Tomorrow I face an emptiness like fresh snow –  an emptiness waiting to be filled with new light, new hope, new life, and new growth.  Tomorrow is a new year.

Blessed Samhain.